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Yorkshire Artspace Persistence Works and the Rutland Arms

Back in December, not long before Christmas, was the last time I visited the city centre. Less than a fortnight later the nation was placed back into lockdown and it became off-limits. The day in question was bright with sunshine and I spent an hour or two wandering around with my Texas Leica and the Sure Shot Supreme. The Supreme has been my “coat-pocket camera” for the past few months, going with me most places whereupon I would make the occasional picture when something caught my eye. Mostly, in these cases, I don’t really keep track of where and when I made each photo unless there’s something notable enough to get captured on my timeline. In this case, due to the Pandemic, a walk around town fell into that category. The roll of film in the camera was finally finished towards the end of last month (the Supreme has some Colorplus in there now).

Yorkshire Artspace Persistence Works

The two images shown here are, respectively, the Yorkshire Artspace Persistence Works building, and the Rutland Arms pub. They sit opposite one another on the corner where Brown Street and Furnival Lane meet. I’ve never been inside either of them.

Hopefully I’ll get to see them (and the rest of the city centre) again before too long.

It’s easy to miss
The things you take for granted
When they’re out of reach

Rutland Arms

Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Fujifilm C200.

Taken on 20 December 2020

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