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A couple of fenceposts today, photographed when I walked down the Trans Pennine Trail the other week. I’ve walked on it several times since, just not as far.

One more week to go until “recreation” is given as a reason to go out (as well as just for exercise), although we still need to remail local – rather confusingly the order is to stay at home, but you can go out one a day for recreation or exercise, or to meet one other person outdoors. Three weeks later, assuming that infections are continuing to fall, various other leaisure activities re-open such as tennis and golf. While I have no interest in either of those things, I will take it that it means I can venture slightly further afield for my photography again (my reasoning being that I presume few golfers will only play on courses within walking distance…). Then, at Easter (again, dependant on infection rates), domestic holidays are allowed (with restrictions). This should mean that I can travel further still, which will be nice. Given that I’m a solitary creature when out with my camera, I doubt I’ll come into contact with many other people anyway,

The first of the fenceposts below has a laminated clapping-hands picture afixed to it. I’m assuming that this is in relation to all the clapping activities people have partaken in to thank key workers over the past year, but I guess it could be for something else completely.

Clap hands

The second post has no signs attached, but a nice clump of moss on its top.

Moss-topped fence post

To hold up a fence
A post of some description
Really is a must

Yashica Mat 124G & Ilford Delta 400. Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 8mins @ 20°.

Taken on 12 February 2021

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