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White lines

I’m tempted to start throwing in the lyrics of the Grandmaster Flash classic. 🙂

Today’s photo is one that I’ve made before, from almost exactly the same spot, using the same camera and film. Apart from the fact that I pushed this roll by a stop, the technicalities of the picture are almost identical. The only real difference is the conditions when the images where made. I’ve published the original picture before here, but will add it to this post too so they can both be easily compared.

Two pictures the same
But seperated by time
Such differences

First the new image, made a couple of weeks ago:

White lines

And the older image, made in April 2020:


Holga & Ilford HP5+ (@800). Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 10mins @ 20° – older shot made at 400asa and devved for 9mins.

Taken on 14 January 2021

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