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Christmas lights

A photo from my first ever roll of Cinestill 800T. I rarely shoot at night, this outing being only the second time I’ve done so (not counting at nightime events using flash). I took my GX7 digital camera in order to meter the shots, setting the ISO to 800 and the aperture to the one I wanted to use on the Bronica. This gave me the approximate shutter speed I needed to use. It was only later that I realised – due to not being able to read the shutter speed dial properly in the dark, that I’d overexposed by a full stop. Thankfully it seems that Cinestill 800T has really good latitude, so all the images pretty much turned out ok.

My family and I refer to the street where this house (and several others similarly decorated with large numbers of lights) as “Christmas Street”. At this time of year you will see people walking down there just to get a look at the lights. It used to be quite unique in the amount of decorations the residents would put on their homes, but in recent years more and more households are going to ever more extravagant lengths to light their houses.

In other news, I’m now on leave for the festive period, so I’m hoping to relax, enjoy Christmas, and (hopefully) make lots of photographs. And my Emulsive Secret Santa gift arrived today, so extra bonus! 🙂

Christmas lights

Bronica ETRSi, Zenzanon 50mm f/2.8 MC & Cinestill 800T. Grain2Pixel conversion.

Taken on 11 December 2020

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