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Once more through the willow and into the sun

This is almost the same composition as the one I published last week here, albeit that being a medium format black and white image made with the Bronica. Again, the colours on this Colorplus shot are, I think, beautiful. While it might not have the detail of the medium format version, and I’m slightly miffed that I cut off the tree on the left (I should have kept all of it in frame, or omitted it altogether, but I think I was too busy concentrating on getting the sun behind the trunk of the willow to have noticed at the time), I think that this version is more impactful. The colour film has captured the lovely subtle tones in the clouds and the golden light on the grasses of the lake side.

This time in colour

Fuji DL-270 Zoom Super & Kodak Colorplus. Grain2Pixel conversion.

Taken on 26 November 2020

3 thoughts on “Once more through the willow and into the sun

    1. Thanks Jim.

      I’d love to take the credit and claim some sort of careful and considered approach to colour processing, but the truth is that they popped straight out of the scans looking this way (or at least the Grain2Pixel conversion of the scans). Apart from a bit of sharpening and contrast, I’ve not touched the colours on these post-conversion. Sometimes I have to fiddle around quite a bit to get things looking how I want them, but this roll looked great straight off the bat.


  1. Oh wow, this is sure great! things like that tree in the left of the frame always seem matter to me but really I would barely allow myself to be miffed at it.

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