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Turn left

It’s Friday. Work is done for the week, so time for a shower and some relaxation (ha!). Maybe catch the final episode of The Haunting of Bly Manor and drink a beer.

Not that this photo has anything to do with any of that whatsoever. I just liked it for today’s post and didn’t really have much else to say. πŸ™‚

Left Turn

Canon Sure Shot Telemax & Kodak Gold 200. Grain2Pixel conversion.

Taken on 10 October 2020

2 thoughts on “Turn left

  1. The paler robin’s egg colors of these frames are quite appealing to me. Is that simply a byproduct of how you handled the exposures or a characteristic of the film?

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    1. Thanks.

      The roll was shot with a point-and-shoot compact, so I had very little control over exposure, so the tones are mostly a result of converting the scanned negatives and then tweaking in Lightroom. Glad you like the look. πŸ‘


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