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Beach chalets

I’d wondered if I’m manage to make my annual trip to Mablethorpe this year. The lockdown of a few months ago had made it seem unlikely for a time, but as restrictions loosened, so it started to look like I might make the trip after all.

As I had a week off work in early September, I decided that would be my chance, so made the trip on the 11th. The weather was forecast to be partially sunny, but in the end was just bright, with a skein of high cloud that mostly removed any contrast and shadows, Not ideal for colour film, which I feel savours blue-sky days. Still, in a country like the UK you have to make the best of what you get when it comes to the weather. In the end though, these shots have come out quite well despite the conditions.

I took a bag full of film with me on the day. Well, around six rolls anyway. In the end, I only shot two-and-a-half of them though due to the light. Today’s photos were from a roll of Kodak Gold 200 that I’d already partially shot, but there will be some images on Ilford Delta 400 (better for the conditions I had) and, possibly, Portra 400 to come over the next few days too.

Around the back of the chalets
I managed to catch a little sunshine for this shot, as evidenced by the shadow cast by the palm. It required me waiting for some time with an eye on the moving clouds though, and the brightness was only fleeting.
Number 45

Canon Sure Shot Z135, Kodak Gold 200. Grain2Pixel conversion.

Taken on 11 September 2020

4 thoughts on “Beach chalets

    1. Gold 200 is a film that I have to tweak a little when I use Grain2Pixel to convert it, so it’s possible that it’s my fiddling that has produced the Portra look. Not a bad thing I suppose.

      I’m making myself look at the colours in these in a “do they look right to me?” way. Trying to get things to look like some “perfect” specific film emulsion look is the road to madness. πŸ™‚


  1. These are neat frames, fascinating subject. lOve the roofs! I’m really curious now about what the view is like in the other direction. These beach chalets remind me of the famous beach shacks in either Australia or New Zealand, I can’t remember which.


    1. The view to the right of where the camera is pointing is looking inland, so a view across some houses and holiday homes. Behind the chalets is view across a concrete promenade with steps down to the beach, and then out to the North Sea. This shot actually shows what probably constitutes the rear of the chalets although, given this side faces west, the side that likely gets the best sunshine. Probably why there are doors on either side of them. πŸ™‚


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