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Three more windmill photos

These three shots will probably mark the end of my North Leverton windmill photos for now. I still have a few more, but they’re quite similar to what I’ve already shown, so will probably stay in the archive for now.

I think these three are pretty nice pictures though (despite the over-developing problems) and the last of the trio is maybe my favourite of all the photographs I made at the location.


Mill behind the cottage

Windmill and fence

Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Ilford HP5+. Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 7 mins 45 secs @ 22.5°.

Taken on 25 July 2020

4 thoughts on “Three more windmill photos

    1. Thank you.

      We too have many more modern wind turbines now than traditional windmills.

      While there are a fair number of the old type mills around the country, they’re not commonplace – especially fully functioning examples. Many of them are now bereft of their sails and stand either derelict, or have been converted to residential or other uses.

      They’re wonderful things to behold though.


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