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An abandoned church

This is the entrance to the former Christ Church Central building in Sheffield city centre. The building is no longer used by the church – it appears they’ve moved just across the road to what looks like a bigger location.

I’ve never been in either building but used to work nearby when I was younger and also found it interesting how the church resided in a low-rise building mostly indistinguishable from the other small industrial units that surrounded it.

Now it looks like a group of weeds are awaiting the doors to be opened.

Weeds waiting

Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Agfa APX100. Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 10.5 mins @ 20°.

Taken on 23 July 2020

8 thoughts on “An abandoned church

    1. Hi P.

      This is new stock. I bought five rolls recently to see how it looked. I’m quite surprised at the amount of grain in the pictures given the low asa. I’m not sure if it’s a result of the development or maybe my scanning and PP.


      1. That is interesting. If it’s the new stuff, then it should be nearly identical to Kentmere 100, which I’m actually a big fan of. The only time I’ve seen big grain with it was when I accidentally severely over-developed it. Normally, the grain is very fine. I’ve found shooting it at EI 50 and pulling it a stop in development yields nearly grainless images at normal sizes. I have never used DD-X, however. That said, I still like the unique atmosphere and aesthetic of these shots, even if it’s not what I’d expect from the modern APX.

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      2. I’m wondering if I’ve overdeveloped them.

        I’m scanning a roll of HP5+ at present and am getting more noticeable grain and bright highligts than I would expect in that too. I devved that roll on a day when it was very hot so the developer was a couple of degrees higher than usual and I had to shorten the time. I’m assuming I didn’t shorten it enough.

        Massive Dev Chart gave a pretty long development time for the APX 100 in DD-X (10.5 mins I think) and I’m wondering if maybe that ought to be a little shorter too.


      3. You probably already know this, but the edge markings (rebates) and the density of the black/exposed leader should give you a rough idea of whether you’ve over (or under)-developed things, assuming you’re shooting at box speed, which I’m guessing you were with the APX since you used your Sure Shot Supreme. I have a bit of a hard time imagining Ilford screwed up the time for a film they manufacture, using a developer they also manufacture. But anything is possible.

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      4. I’m not sure about the APX because I thought I’d followed the dev times and temps to the letter, but my roll of HP5+ is likely down to my overestimating the times. Ilford quote the time to add or detract if there’s a temperature difference, but it’s for full degrees and the temp of mine was between 22 & 23, so I made a bit of a “guesstimate” and probably left it in for slightly too long.

        While not what I would have preferred, they’re quite recoverable – just a bit brighter than I might have expected and with some loss of detail. I’m still quite happy with them though.


      5. I double-checked the official APX 100 datasheet as well as Ilford’s official sheet for Kentmere 100, as I believe they’re identical emulsions. They both say 10.5m at 20C for DDX 1+4. So, I don’t think you messed up, as long as your temperature was accurate. Perhaps that Sure Shot just errs a bit heavily towards overexposure, as I feel a lot of point-and-shoots do, and is probably a good thing for C-41 shooting (what they were really intended for). It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the culprit. I’d be interested to see what would happen if you shot another roll at 100 in one of your SLR’s using a known to be very accurate meter and developing the film exactly the same as before. That would quickly clear up whether the issue is with the camera or the developing time/temp.

        22-23C is pretty hot for hand-developing in small tanks. It can make it very difficult to get even and consistent development. Anytime your temps are that high, I’d recommend using a more dilute developer solution so your time is stretched out. That’s what I do.


      6. I’m pretty confident that the HP5+ is down to the developing temp, and my incorrect compensation. BAsed on the way the shots look from the APX 100, I think something similar must have happened there – they don’t look like I’d expect overexposed photos to look, there’s a different quality to them.

        I don’t think the camera is overexposing – the first roll I shot with it came out fine. Those were colour negs though, lab scanned and developed. I might try a home scan of one of those to see how it looks in case the lab compensated in the scanning process.

        Good suggestion on the dilution. I might try that next time.


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