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On the day I started my street-portraits project, I parked my car on a street close to the city centre. My intent had been to use all twelve frames of the Portra 400 for the photographs of strangers I planned to make. However the first thing I saw was this corner cafe and I made a photo of it before I even came close to asking a person for their picture.

I’m wondering if a “corner shops” project might also be fun to do too. It has benefits of not being as stressful to pursue as asking people for their portraits, plus it has that social history angle of recording structures at a moment in time. I always enjoy looking at photographs of how things used to be and this will be my own small addition to the genre.

Obviously, most photographs I make that have recogniseable locations or contemporary objects in the frame do this to some extent anyway, but most of those are made randomly as a result of my particular eye for subject, not part of a more focussed project.

If I do pursue this, it will be concurrent with the street-portraits project, which I fully intend to complete.

Anyway, here’s the sort of thing I would envisage as part of the project…


Yashica Mat 124G & Kodak Portra 400.

Taken on 11 July 2020

5 thoughts on “Wellies

  1. Interesting project for places which might undergo change. Modern suburbia could prove to be interesting, but I really like older places myself.

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    1. Old places are always interesting, but it’s worth considering that modern suburbia will be old one day too and photos of it will be of similar interest to those pictures of life in the past we enjoy so much now.

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  2. I’ve thought about doing ‘corner shops’ myself. This shot is also a great candidate for ‘Thursday Doors’

    It’s a good idea to preserve these places too. You just never know…..someone can get a dumb idea and they can be gone.

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    1. Yep. This building is likely over a hundred years old and that corner will have been host to numerous different businesses over the years, so it’s good to capture it as it is before it becomes something else.


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