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Thorpe Salvin church early one morning

A photograph of the church at Thorpe Salvin which I made early one morning when out for a walk. This is a version scanned on my Plustek with Silverfast which I prefer to the lab scan done on a Noritsu on this occasion. My scan is a little noisier, but the colours and contrast are much punchier and not as warm as the lab scan.

The church at Thorpe Salvin

Nikon F80, Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-D & Kodak Gold 200.

Taken on 31 May 2020

4 thoughts on “Thorpe Salvin church early one morning

    1. I still have issues getting the colour correct, which is the main reason I send C41 away for dev and scan, but it does a good job if you’re willing to spend some time getting it right. It’s due as much to the scanning software as the scanner. Probably more-so in fact.

      I use my Plustek primarily for B&W and it does a noticeably better job with them than my Epson V550, giving me higher resolution and sharper, more detailed scans. I use the flatbed purely fo medium format now which, due to the greater leeway given by the larger negatives, it does a reasonable job with. I’d love a proper 120 format scanner though, but they cost the Earth unfortunately.


      1. My flatbed does satisfactory work for me on 120 and almost acceptable work in 35mm. I haven’t tried my scanner on color since investing in VueScan; maybe I should. Because you’re right, the software matters a lot.


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