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Cottage by a meadow

It’s Friday evening again and I have to say that I’m very thankful for that fact. I’ve had a very busy week at work once again and am really looking forward to relaxing a little over the weekend. Hopefully I might get out to make some photographs – I have around six frames of 135 Ilford XP2 sat in my F70 that I want to shoot, certainly, which can then be sent off for developing along with a roll of Kodak Gold I finished a couple of weeks ago.

The weather doesn’t look particularly great on either day this weekend, but I can live with that – although boring flat grey skies or torrential downpours might put me off. I shall wait and see I suppose. If all else fails I’ve got a huge pile of photobooks to catch up on.

Today’s picture completes a hattrick of consecuitive shots from the same roll of Shanghai GP3 that I’ve posted photos from the past couple of days, this one being the last one on the roll. The backing paper had bled through on this one (and a couple of others), most notably in the sky,  so I’ve fixed it in Photoshop (although it was a bit of a quick’n’dirty job if I’m honest).

At the bottom of the meadow

Yashica Mat 124G & Shanghai GP3 (expired). Ilfotec DD-X 1+9 10 mins @ 24°.

Taken on 23 May 2020

4 thoughts on “Cottage by a meadow

    1. Oops! Your comment has made me realise that I’ve put the wrong details on my last four posts. They were all shot on some expired Shanghai GP3 film, not Ilford HP5+ as I’d originally stated. Sorry!

      HP5+ *is* a really nice film though. 🙂


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