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This is the first weekend in England under the slightly relaxed lockdown rules, which allow people to travel for exercise or leisure. The weather is forecast to be good in many parts of the country.

Peg skeleton

This has resulted in calls from the national parks, seaside resorts, and other areas likely to attract visitors, that people should stay away. Many locations have not opened their carparks and other facilities to try to prevent visitors from coming. Despite this, there have been reports of full carparks and large numbers of people turning up at these locations. I expect we’ll be able to look forward to another full lockdown in due course…


Today’s photographs were made in the back garden during the Easter weekend a month ago. I was reading William Eggleston’s Guide in the sunshine and it inspired me to make pictures myself. I ended up shooting nearly a full roll of film during the afternoon, so you’ll see some more ot those in the comimg days. Some of them worked out pretty nicely, some not so much, but I’m pretty happy with the Kodak Gold. It’s the first time I’ve shot a roll of this, believe it or not, and I like how it looks.

Red rag, no bull

Nikon F80, Sigma 105mm f/2.8 OS HSM & Kodak Gold 200.

Taken on 11 April 2020

5 thoughts on “Freedom?

  1. I haven’t shot Kodak Gold for a while but this set makes me want to get some. The last time, I was able to buy 6 rolls for £2 – I don’t think I’ll be able to match that price again !

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    1. Pricewise, it seems to have taken over the spot Portra held a few years ago! I think I managed to nab a couple of boxes of three late last year for around £20, which wasn’t bad. Probably a bit more expensive now, but not too much if you shop around.

      I’m pretty happy with the way it looks. The grain if finer than Colorplus and the colours look great – rich and vivid without being over-saturated.


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