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Two teazels

I think I’m seeing a definite decline in my photography now we’re under lock-down conditions. Not technically – I don’t think I’ve lost those abilities (and keeping my hand and eye in are reasons to keep shooting as much as possible withing the confines of the situation we’re caught up in) – but in terms of subject matter, well, things are feeling much more difficult.

There are undoubtedly a thousand photos to be found in the places I can reach while exercising or, indeed, within our house and garden, but it can be difficult to see them through the fog of over-familiarity. Some of the shots that might be interesting in the limited time I’m out would require more time and kit (such as a tripod), and I’m not going to allow myself the option of those. I’m very concious of the fact that my outings must be, first and foremost, for the purposes of exercise (or other essential reasons such as fetching necessary provisions), so the thought of setting up a tripod somewhere and fiddling with camera settings, even if I could safely keep clear of others, would make me feel something of a hypocrite.

My choice of camera can make a difference though. Even if restricting myself to quickly obtained opportunistic images, then an SLR will give me greater creative control over aperture, shutter-speed and depth-of-field for instance, which can make for far greater scope in the photos I am able to make. On the other hand, a compact point-and-shoot auto-focus camea is easy to just drop in a pocket without the need for a bag (even a small one).

I’ve spent some time today on my second home-developed roll of film. I managed to put the chemicals in in the right order this time! Some parts were still tricky – loading the film onto the spiral, mainly – but everything else went a little smoother than before. The negatives look good and I’ve avoided any drying marks this time around too.

The UK has, today, passed the heartbreaking milestone of over ten thousand people now lost to COVID-19. The figure given today of daily losses is down by a couple of hundred over previous days, but the trend has been that the figures tend to dip over weekend – a factor of how the reporting processes work rather than a true reflection of casualties – and I fear that they will rise again in the next few days. There is some potential good news in that the number of admissions to hospital for infections might be levelling off though. Again, maybe it’s too early for optimism, but even a small ray of sunshine can cast a little light on the darkness.

Today’s photo is of a couple of teazels that were poking out of the foliage beside the path where I took a walk one day last week.

Two teazels

Minolta SRT 101b, MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.7 & Ilford HP5+. Ilfotec DD-X, 9 minutes at 20° .

Taken on 30 March 2020

4 thoughts on “Two teazels

  1. Works very well in b&w. I can feel the prickly texture. About the choice of everyday subjects: what helps me I find is just keep doing something, trying something new with the same environment, asking a “what if?” questions helps a lot. Cheers

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    1. Thank you. I’ve always been of the opinion that there are always photos to be found, no matter how uninspiring the location, it’s just a case of finding them sometimes. When it’s the same place you’ve been on many occasions, or where you take the location for granted, then it can be much harder to tease out the photographs – especially if your time and freedom are limited, as they are right now. I’ll just have to look harder. 🙂


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