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Life in lock-down could be much worse

It’s the long Easter weekend and, unlike the usual case here in the UK – when you would find it to be miserable, cold, wet weather during a weekend that the majority of people have off work – it is instead beatifully sunny and warm. While this is nice, and means that people with gardens (or places to safely take exercise) can enjoy the pleasant conditions, it’s undoubtedly frustrating that we are blessed with such days while being cursed with the inability to venture very far from our homes.

As we do have a back garden, I’m going to count my blessings though and be thankful that I’m not affected in the terrible ways that so many others sadly are. While I might be mostly confined, at least we are all fit and healthy, surely the most important thing.

After spending some time editing photographs this morning, I spent a few hours this aftenoon in the garden, both taking photographs (I’m lucky to have a macro lens, which opens up a whole new avenue of possibilities), and then reading. I received a book of interviews with Henri Cartier-Bresson from my very kind Emulsive Secret Santa last Christmas, and decided that I would sit in the sunshine and make a start on it.

I’ve only read a couple of the interviews so far but have found it interesting that, while the book contains no photographs, just reading Cartier-Bresson’s accounts is making me yearn to get out and make images.

Today’s photo was taken on my Instax Mini 9 on monochrome film. I can’t scan these on my flatbed as the scanner light reflects from the image surface rendering the scans largely useless. Instead I’ve used the Google Photoscan app on my phone. While it’s done a better job than my scanner would in this case, it’s resulted in something of a washed out result. Oh well, not to worry – it’s rare that I post a photo on my blog that was taken during the day of writing!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 & Instax Mini Monochrome film.

Taken on 11 April 2020

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