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Bright colours for dark times

It’ll not be too long before my (more) usual posting of black and white photos resumes, but for a while at least I’ll post more of these colourful and saturated Lomography Color Negative shots. It suits the lovely weather we currently have here in the UK and maybe some sunny photos will lift people’s spirits in some small way. Today’s photo is of the gable-end of a row of shops just down the road from Harrison Cameras in Sheffield. I took if from the base of a block of flats just behind – and raised a little above – the building and the light was being reflected back on the scene in an attractive way. I like how the hedge on the left is illuminated such that it mirroes the green bins at the opposite side of the frame.

In today’s COVID-19 update, it would seem that both our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock have tested positive for coronavirus infection. While i don’t wish serious illness upon either of them, it might be a situation that helps to convince some in the country of the seriousness of the situation. At present, while the lock-down is noticeable in the quietness of the streets – particularly at night – there still seems to be a decent amount of activity on the streets.

We’ve been told by the government that we should stay indoors for all but essential reasons: to buy essential shopping; for medical reasons (including provision of care for someone we’re responsible for); to travel to work (but only where this is essential and working from home isn’t an option); and for one period of exercise (such as a walk, run or cycle).

I think some people are using this as an excuse to carry out other pastimes under the guise of exercise – I saw a post from someone on Facebook who had gone into the countryside with not only a camera, but also a drone. While the person may have been safely able to avoid other people, there is always the small chance that something could go wrong – even a simple flat-tyre – which would then require the assistance of others. Taking a local walk with a camera in your pocket would seem a reasonable thing to do (as long as the exercise is the primary goal and you can avoid close contact with others), but driving out to beauty-spots feels a little like taking liberties.

As for us, we will only shop for food on a single occasion each week (although I guess it could be necessary to visit more than a single retailer) – we can manage without certain items if needed, so a single trip to the shops reduces our contact with others. We, thankfully, don’t have any medical requirements that we need to leave home for. My dad is elderly, but fit and active, and my sister still lives at home with him anyway. I work from home, so no need to travel for that, although my wife works in a key role that requires her to travel to her place of work each day still. She drives, so isn’t at risk from others on public transport at least. As for exercise, I have been going out for a walk, but haven’t the past couple of days. We’ve got an exercise bike in the garage (that can now be used again following yesterdays garage tidying activities!), so I’ll use that if required. Whle I can go out for a walk while easily avoiding others, I feel like maybe I shouldn’t unless absolutely necessary, so I’ll see how that goes.

I’ve tidied and cleaned my home-office today. I work in there, but it also houses my PC and scanner that U use for my photos. Hopefully my next scans will not feature constellations of stars across them from all the dust spots! 🙂

Somewhat to my surprise, most of the home-developing stuff I ordered yesterday has already arrived (although I still don’t have a developing tank yet, which is kinda important) so, once I get the final bits and pieces I’ll be in a position to ruin develop my own film. Or at least I will when I’ve finished a roll – my shooting rate seems to have declined a bit this week…

Pink gable

Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Lomography Color Negative 400.

Taken on 1 March 2020

2 thoughts on “Bright colours for dark times

  1. My enthusiasm for escaping to the nearby foothills for fresh air was severely dampened sometime during the past week and a half when it became obvious more than half our city’s populace was thinking the same thing (and that was on some relatively quiet paths) and the standards for social distance were being foolishly disregarded. Liberties, indeed. Our family will be more than content with just the occasional lunchtime or evening walk in the Arboretum below our house for exercise although even that has its pratfalls. One word: Joggers gasping and wheezing from here to Kalamazoo. Okay, that was more than one word.

    Really enjoy your work. I think this is the first time I’ve left a note but I’ve been following you for a few months or more.


    1. Hi, sorry for the delayed response – I somehow missed the notification that a comment had been added!

      Thanks for the kind words.

      We have a country park close to where we live – it’s reclaimed coal-mining land which now has a number of lakes and footpaths. So far I’ve avoided walking there though for the very reason you mention – I suspect it will be a focal point for other people out for exercise and, while the paths are quite wide, it will still mean getting close to people frequently. So, as a result, I’ve been walking the less attractive areas (a local industrial estate, or the less well-trodden (and muddier!) paths close to, but not within, the country park. These routes have resulted in my seeing very few other people (and the ones I do are easy to give plenty of distance). It’s early days and I still have a good number of alternate routes I can take to avoid the boredom of routine setting in for awhile (I hope!).

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