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No chips

Or fries, for my American pals. 🙂

I really will have to get some more Lomography Color Negative 400 when I get the chance. This was my only remaining roll, but I’ve found if produces wonderfully saturated colours, as with the red-painted frontage of the fish & chip shop in today’s photo.

As I type this, it’s day four of the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown. I have today and tomorrow off work and would under normal circumstances have taken the opportunity to go out and take some photos – probably shooting colour as we’ve had (in a cruel joke by mother nature) beautifully sunny weather all week – but alas we’re not able to do so at present. I didn’t even go out for a walk today as I have the rest of the week, intead deciding I’d spend some time tidying the garage which is full of loads of boxes that I’d placed in a storage unit when we moved house but which I then removed and brought home to save the monthly fees. It was difficult to get access to other things in the garage, so I’ve spent the day completely re-arranging it all to make better use of the space.

I also spent some time this morning looking at (and then ordering) the equipment I’ll need to start developing my own B&W film at home. I still have a few bits and pieces to acquire, but the changing bag and all the chems are on their way, and I’ve had someone kindly donate a developing tank which they will post to me when an opportunity arises to do so. I really don’t know that much about home developing, especially which of the wide range of chemicals would be best, but in the end opted for some Ilfotec DDX, Ilfostop, Ilford Rapid Fixer and some Ilfotol wetting agent. To be honest, I’m somewhat nervous at the thought of doing this, mostly because I’m concerned I’ll knacker a roll of otherwise nice photographs, but given how many other people manage to do this successfully, I think I’ll be ok if I pay attention to what I’m doing. I will, of course, let you know how I fared when the time comes.

No chips today

Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Lomography Color Negative 400.

Taken on 1 March 2020

2 thoughts on “No chips

  1. Cool that you have taken the plunge on B&W developing. For now, I’ll still be using my local photo lab until they close. I can mail in the rolls and have it scanned and pick up the rolls later. That seems to be the best way to work for me at this time, until I shell out the ca$h for a scanner.

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    1. My local lab closed its doors on Tuesday – even for postal services – until futher notice, unfortunately. I used to drop-off and pick-up in person and then scan my negs at home.

      There are other labs still taking orders that I can use, and probably will if I shoot any colour stuff, but I reckoned now would be as good a time as any (better in fact!) to learn how to dev my own B&W films. I’ve got a scanner already, so no extra outlay there.


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