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Down Duke Street

Maybe the last of the Samsung Fino 60S photos (for now, at least, unless we get housebound for a reeeaaaallly long time!), but I also shot a Canon Sure Shot Supreme on the same outing, so there may be a few more Park Hill photos to come yet.

My local lab tweeted today that they have closed their walk-in reception for the time being due to coronavirus guidance, so I’m going to have to post any rolls to them (and wait for the negs to be posted back) for any stuff I manage to shoot in the meantime. It’s a shame because it will cost more in postage (effectively adding over £5 to the cost of developing for postage both ways) and will take longer than usual, but we all have to get on board with the measures to reduce the spread of the infection, so I don’t mind too much – I’ll probably wait until I have a few rolls before sending them in though to save on the cost.

I’ve also made some semi-serious investigations into home-developing kit. That’ll involve some upfront cost (and the very real risk of me destroying my own photos through incompetence!) if I go ahead with it, but will help with my impatience and wallet-health longer termif I manage to make a sucess of it. I think I’ll sleep on it awhile first…

Down Duke Street

Samsung Fino 60S & Kodak Colorplus.

Taken on 1 March 2020

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