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I’m jumping back in time a little today with a photo from 2017. The main reason being that I decided yesterday to re-scan this roll of negs. My original scans were performed on my Epson V550 flatbed using the Epson Scan software, which is what I used to use for all my scans, but is now only really used for black and white medium format stuff.

All my B&W 35mm negatives are now scanned with my Plustek scanner, which gives far superior results, while I send all my colour films off to a pro lab for dev and scan (mostly because I know the colours will look how I would expect them to). I still scan medium format slides on the V550 though – mostly because it will cost me an arm and a leg to get lab scans (the place that processes and scans my C41 film for a very reasonable price don’t process E6 unfortunately). The Epson doesn’t fare too badly with medium format scans, although that’s only really down to the fact that the larger image size means that any loss in scanning quality is less easy to spot on screen – comparing like-with-like with a 35mm scan shows the quality is exactly the same.

So, while all my C41 film has been lab scanned over the past year, I still have a lot of stuff that has only ever been scanned on the Epson (both colour AND B&W), so every now and then I’ll re-scan those rolls on the Plustek to get better results. Today’s photo is from one such roll – shot during a trip to Camden in London that my wife and I took a couple of years ago. While I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the Portra 160 colours that the Plustek and Silverfast have given me, they’re a whole heap better than the slightly muddy, greenish cast scans that I had from my Epson Scan attempts. The resloution is light-years ahead too, with details now much more finely resolved than before.

Today’s photo is one that has really benefited from the re-scan I think.

FILM - Joe's

Pentax P30T, Rikenon 50mm f/2 & Kodak Portra 160.

Taken on 9 September 2017

4 thoughts on “Joe’s

  1. Lovely result.

    I’ve spent the morning scanning 35mm black and white and MF colour negatives on my Epson V550 initially with VueScan but switching to Silverfast which seemed to handle the slightly bizarre Lomography 800 colour negative film a little better. Like you I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to upgrade my scanner – what model are you using out of interest?


  2. My first proper scanner was a Plustek (720 I think) then I decided to get an Epson v700 because (a) I needed to do medium format (and now it does large format too) and (b) I found the Plustek slow because I had to push the negs through one frame at a time and scan them separately. I sold the Plustek before I realised that it would actually give better results for 35mm. Oh well.

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    1. I think the Epson V8* / V7* range produce better scans than the V6* / V5* (as well as the aforementioned ability to scan larger negs) – at least from the reviews I read. I think the Plustek scanners are still superior, quality-wise, but with the limitations you’ve mentioned. It takes me over three hours to scan 36 135 negatives, which I could have done in less than an hour on the Epson. The negative carrier of the Plustek is much better for 135 though.


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