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Abandoned bags

Another shot featuring reflections (albeit, mostly of the sky in this one) making up a trio of posts over the last three days. I like the ambiguity of this shot, it making it look like the faceless person walking away has forgotten or abandoned their bags.

One thing this roll shot with the little Pentax Espio has taught me, is that the camera falls back on slow shutter speeds very quickly in low light. Several shots on the roll were largely spoiled because of subsequent camera shake (although in some cases, the motion blur has added a great sence of movement to the images too). This said, I have used it in dim light before without any noteable camera shake, so I wonder if it’s somehow mis-read the Kentmere’s DX coding (or maybe it’s just faulty)? Where I’ve used the camera in sunny conditions, it’s a capable little performer though, so I shall bear that in mind for future reference.

FILM - Left behind?

Pentax Espio 140M & Kentmere 400.

Taken on 15 January 2020

2 thoughts on “Abandoned bags

    1. I had thought of taking my Olympus 35 RC on the day, but changed my mind for some reason. While lacking autofocus, it would have given me a faster lens and control of shutter speed. The Pentax is a camera I’m happy to just throw in a pocket though as it cost me next to nothing, so I’m less concerned about it getting knocked about a bit.

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