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A final(?) set of Holga misadventures

Ok, before I start (not that I expect this to be an especially long post), I should point out that this is not an all-new set of misadventures with the Holga, rather some more from my previous set (where I’d accidentally knocked the camera’s exposure switch to “Bulb”). You can read about that here if you’d like. I’m hoping that this brings to an end my misadventures with this simple, but seemingly all too easy to mess up, camera.

The reasons this set are seperate from the last are:

  1. These are in colour, so that’s a good enough reason to seperate them.
  2. They were lab scanned, so I got them back a few days after posting my home-scanned black and white photos.

Out of the full set of twelve images there are maybe five or six that are worthy of sharing (although your mileage may vary), four of which are posted here today. A couple are reasonably sharp – the car and the church. The other two are notably blurred from “unintentional camera movement”, but one of those – the house – looks kinda neat in my opinion. The hotel is perhaps a borderline case though.

But anyway, here are the four I’ve chosen to share. I quite like them all, despite (or because!) of their failings.

FILM - Classic

FILM - Crux

FILM - Eagle

FILM - Quake!

Holga 120N & Fujifilm Pro 400H (expired).

Taken on 13 September 2019

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