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Concealed weapon

If you look at today’s photo carefully you will see that the kindly (or scary, depending on your disposition) looking plastic butcher is actually holding something in his right hand. It’s mostly concealed by the sheet listing the prices for some of the sandwiches on offer, but is, in fact, a meat cleaver.

It’s an innocent enough thing for a butcher (artificial or otherwise) to be carrying – it is, after all – a tool of the trade. So it’s probably just me, and a diet of horror / slasher movies during the 1980s, that provokes all manner of dark imaginings whenever I see it. The cleaver doesn’t have blood stains, at least it didn’t last time I passed when it was visible, but who knows why he’s carefully hiding it from view? Best not get too close…


FILM - Plastic butchers with concealed cleavers

Olympus 35 RC & Ilford HP5+.

Taken on 21 July 2019

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