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Dam wall

Another photo taken during my walk around Linacre reservoirs a week or two back.

FILM - Dam wall

Olympus OM-1, Zuiko 135mm f/3.5 & Ilford HP5+.

Taken on 20 January 2017

4 thoughts on “Dam wall

  1. I have an F80 coming tomorrow to complement my F6 and I was thinking about what film to put in it. After looking at this photo I will definitely take a roll of Tri-X out of the fridge and go for a walk.


      1. Ah, yes. I only have Tri-X in the fridge. 🙂 HP5+ is very nice and I’ve used it in the past. Have you ever tried Fomapan? It’s very cheap and the 400 speed has lots of ‘old-fashioned’ grain, if you like that.


      2. Yeah, Fomapan has a nice look to it. I’ve shot all three variants, and they’re all good. The production can be patchy sometimes – I often find sooty specks on the scans – but it’s not something that puts me off.


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