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Storm damage?

A photo from the first roll of medium format film I shot, back in October 2016 on my first medium-format camera. Most of the photos on the roll were uninspiring, and I rushed through it in my eagerness to see what results the camera would give. The camera in question was a Lubitel 166 Universal, a relatively no-frills Soviet era TLR, but one that (despite the difficulties I had in focussing and framing my shots) is capable of very nice results indeed, and this is one of (perhaps the) best of that first roll.

Lubitel 166 Universal & Ilford HP5+.

Taken on 15 October 206.

2 thoughts on “Storm damage?

    1. Thanks Harry. It’s maybe a little soft when zoomed in – the Lubitel seems to have a bit of edge softness at certain apertures (or mine does, at least), and it’s not the easiest camera to achieve precise focus with at the best of times. A lot of patience and squinting and it will tend to produce good results though. 🙂

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